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Hosta Fragrant Blue Ribbons will form a medium mound of 10"-14" in height, with a spread of up to 30" at maturity. It is a unique sport of Hosta Fragrant Blue, with intensely powdery blue-green leaves have a variable white border that jets toward the centre and is apparent as soon as the plant emerges. There is some lighter grey streaking along the inner veins and later in the season the leaf centres will turn grey-green. The powdery blue green colour is very intense and holds well late into August. Leaf is heart-shaped with outer edge white streaks down the petiole. It produces pale lavendar buds with fragrant, near white flowers beginning about August. The flower scape is 18" tall, glaucous blue-green with bracts along stem but no leaves. Seems to be slug resistant and sun tolerant.

Hosta Fragrant Blue Ribbons

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