Hosta Spritzer is classed as a medium-large, but rarely reaches that size. I have classed as small to medium making an open mound of 18" tall and a spread of no more than 30" at maturity.  A lovely form creating a gently arching fountain of foliage which is best appreciated when grown in a pot. The leaves are long and narrow with an undulating edge. They begin the season quite yellow, fading into the season to a green yellow centre and darker edges, all overlaid with an excellent shine. Early in the season reminiscent of June Fever in colouring. Hosta 'Spritzer is definitely one of my top 10, forming a mound of foliage with a gold centred leaves with green margins, which are narrowly ovate with slightly rippled margins and long curved tips, the colour fades later in the season. Pale lavender to pinkish flowers are produced on 24" sacapes from late August to September.

Hosta Spritzer