Hosta Jurassic Park is of sieboldiana background, this introduction has very heavy substanced green leaves which exhibit heavy tucks and puckers at maturity. It does well with strong morning sun and filtered shade thereafter. Very impressive through mid-season even in full sun. Due to its heavy substance, slugs have never been a problem--basically because it eats them! "Jurassic Park" is HUGE when established, as well as vigorous in growth. Mature clumps can  measure about 8-9 ft plus in 12 yrs if left untouched. Leaves on well tended clumps can be up to 16" x 14". If you want a 'giant' Hosta and no effort, this one is hard to beat. Give this one plenty of room.This is grown for it's powerful foliage but it does have Lavender flowers on 60" scapes in July & August. 

Hosta Jurassic Park