Hosta ‘Liberty’ is a sport of H. ‘Sagae’. It is a large hosta that typically grows in an upright vase-shape to 24-26” tall and grows to amost 40" wide at maturity. Thick, wide-oval leaves (12” long and 10” wide) with mucronate tips and heart-shaped bases emerge in spring. New leaves are blue-green with extremely wide yellow margins (to 2 1/4” wide). As the leaves mature, the centres become greener and the margins lighten to creamy white. Funnel-shaped pale lavender flowers appear in early summer on scapes rising above the foliage mound to as much as 40” tall. H. ‘Liberty’ is in part distinguished from H. ‘Sagae’ by having much larger leaf margins. Liberty is reported to be slug resistant but often succumbs when under pressure, but is sun tolerant.

Hosta Liberty