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Hosta Something Different will form a medium sized mound of up to 18"-24" in height, with a spread of up to 48", at maturity. The parentage of this plant, registererd in 2000, is not known, but they certainly produced something unique! A little slow to get going but well worth the wait. Makes a clump of thick, yellow centred, green edged leaves with prominent veins. Distinct veining and colouring much earlier than Gold Standard. The flowers are very unusual and beautiful too, forming a bouquet of bell shaped pinkish lavender blooms up to 36" high. A great pot subject. Pretty good regarding both sun tolerance and slug resistance.

Hosta Something Different

  • All our Online Hosta Sales are dispatched to customers with our Hosta Care Guide leaflet enclosed in the parcel. You can also find further details of how to look after your new plants on the Hosta Care Tab on our home page.