Hosta White Bikini  a medium upright, round, mound reaching 18"-20" in height with a spread of up to 40" at maturity. It is has wonderful looking, and interesting and contrasting foliage. A Stunning white centred variety. Dark green elongated leaves with a narrow white centre. One of the many sports of Striptease currently available, and one of my favourites so far. Has the usual vigour of Fortunei type Hostas, rarely struggles like so many modern hybrids. As with most white centred varieties, it can be prone to the middle burning out if it is dry and in a very hot position, but if well watered and reasonably sited will maintain it’s good looks and give much pleasure. Pale lavender flowers start to bloom on 24" scapes, in july. Sadly not entirely sun tolerant, but some is ok and not slug resistant.

Hosta White Bikini