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REWELA HOSTAS from the Heart of Yorkshire

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Please note, as we come to the end of our Hosta season some varieties may have marks on the leaves. In some cases we may have to remove some of the leaves completely.


Rewela Hostas are a specialist Hosta grower, located on the edge of the Howardian Hills an Area of Outstanding  Natural Beauty in the heart of Yorkshire "God's own County."With 100's of different varieties to choose from, we are sure you will find the right Hosta for your garden. We love all of our Hostas and care for them all with affection.
We are sure you will enjoy and love every Hosta as much as we do.
We dispatch all our Hostas Bare root, further information can be found on our Delivery Page.
We also have a FAQ's Page that you might find useful


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Hosta Leaf


My plants arrived today and I’m absolutely thrilled with them. Very well packed, excellent quality and fantastic service. All planted now and already looking at my next purchase.

Hosta Fire Island


Good Evening 

Thankyou very much for my order of Hostas I received Today,I am very pleased indeed with the plants great quality and very fast delivery 

Hosta Leaf


I recently purchased some hostas from you. I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with them. They arrived in perfect condition and are now happily growing in my garden. I am very impressed with the quality. It’s always a gamble buying plants online, and I’ve had some bad experiences in the past., but yours are just perfect! Thank you so much.

Hosta Devon Green


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Plant Hosta Grower
Hosta Nursery view

Meet John Plant

"Yes my real name"

Rewela Hostas has given me a wonderful opportunity to share my passion for Hostas with all those "Hosta lovers" out there in the big wide world. 

I have been growing Hostas now for 15 years or more, increasing my collection on a regular basis. Whenever I see a new Hosta I like the look of, I have to have it. So much so, that we now have over 620 different varieties.

I retired as a Landscape Designer, a year or two ago, and started concentrating on my extensive Hosta collection.

We, that is Daphne and myself, now run the online Hosta Nursery. Daphne created our customer friendly website, for me to offer my passion for growing Hostas for you....gardeners and other Hostaholics. 

Hosta Display
Hosta pots in Winter

A Quick Guide
To Hostas






Position - Hostas are shade loving plants in general, therefore plants so need degree of shade to look their best. However, there are some varieties that can thrive in the sun 


Soil - Hostas will tolerate most soils providing there is an element of drainage. The quickest way to kill them is if they are too wet!


Pots - Any variety of Hosta will look great in a container, in particular the miniatures. 


Companions - Hostas look great when planted together. However, other plants make excellent companions, such as ferns, astilbes and Heucheras. 


Maintenance - Hostas do not need looking after very much, making them a very low maintenance element addition to your garden.


Spring - Around late March some of your Hostas will start appearing, first as hard pointed shoots (also known as eyes or pips). They will be in full leaf by late April. During Spring there is very little maintenance, just keep an eye on watering and enjoy your plants looking their best.


Summer - During the Summer, keep an eye on the sun. Where plants are looking a little scorched, move to a shady spot. Watering needs to be regular, especially during the first year of planting.


Autumn -  Is the one of the best times to divide or move your Hostas, should they need it. Your Hostas will start losing its leaves for the winter, and by the end of November will be completely gone. 


Winter - Clear away all the dead leaves from the tops of the plants. This is important as slugs and their eggs overwinter in the shelter of the dead leaves, by clearing them you should help reduce any slug issues in Spring. Top dress with a light mulch to help protect against the worst of the frost. Around February is when you should start to think about slug protection before your new shoots come up in Spring 

You can watch our Quick Guide To Hostas on our YouTube Channel.

Hosta Display
Rewela Hosta You Tube Channel.jpg
Rewela Hostas You Tube Channel

YouTube Channel

We have a dedicated Rewela Hostas YouTube Channel


It features a number of videos looking at individual Hosta varieties

plus lots of content featuring Hosta care and advice.  

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