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AI generated Hosta Photographs

Just take a look at these photos! Wouldn't it be lovely to add these colours of Hosta to your Hostas in your own collection. They are certainly very convincing to the naked eye. Don't be fooled.

This blog is to make more people aware of what is happening. They are not the real deal. We don't know what motivates people to go to the effort of creating these AI or photoshop images.

There has been an increasing number of AI generated or otherwise edited plant pictures, mostly of "Hostas." Unfortunately, there are currently no bright purple or pink Hostas.

AI Hosta Photographs
AI Hosta Photographs

There are some magnificent colours and combinations to make you think they exist.

We have many customers who want to know if we have any of these wonderfully coloured Hostas in stock, and of course we have to tell them they are fake photos, and they are so disappointed.

These photos appear mainly on social media platforms, and occasionally on places like e Bay & Amazon. They will not appear on professional Hosta growers websites.

I will say it one more time. These are fake photographs.

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John Plant

Rewela Hostas

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John, Thank you for this clarification. On the theme of colour, is there any way in which the use of high concentrations of trace elements in the growing medium (eg, iron, etc) can influence the colours of the various leaf areas of hostas?

Philip W.

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