Hosta ‘Undulata Univittata’ is a very common hosta, and it is always one of the first to emerge in spring. Forms a loose mound 14"-18" tall & 18" to 24" tall. It has wavy leaves with curved tips and a very thin substance that makes them a real attraction for slugs. It is interesting to see how the leaves on one hosta will not all look the same and will have many different markings. Undulata Univittata is listed as being sterile, but it does sometimes form seed pods, and the seeds are said to be viable. This low-growing selection has very wavy leaves, white in the centre, streaked with green and chartreuse. Pale lavender flowers appear on 32"-36" scapes, in July. Defintely not slug resistant and probably not good in the sun.

Hosta Undulata Univittata