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AHGA 2024 Hosta of The Year ... The fabulous Hosta Mini Skirt"

Hosta Mini Skirt is one of my favourite miniature Hostas. Firstly we will give you all the 'techie' stuff, then during the blog, we will talk about why we love this gorgeous little Hosta. So here goes....

Flowering Hosta Mini Skirt
Hosta Mini Skirt Just Coming into Flower

Hosta Mini Skirt was registered in 2013 by Walters Gardens inc. They are a perennial wholesale nursery located in Zeeland, Michigan, USA .  They began in 1946 when Dennis Walters and his new bride, Harriet, took over the family perennial business from Dena Knoll, Harriet's mother. With the help of his four brothers, Dennis expanded the company to include bare root, potted, and packaged perennials, and built one of the industry's first tissue culture labs at Walters Gardens, Inc. in the mid 1970s.

Today, the company is run by the second and third generations of Walters. the company has grown from a small farm of less than five acres worked by just a few men, to 1,500 acres of land, and 500,000 square feet of greenhouse space. They have registered a stunning 144 Hostas to date including the award winning Hosta Mini Skirt.

This searchable database contains detailed information for all registered cultivars, and Hosta Finder information for many additional non-registered cultivars. The American Hosta Society is the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Hostas, and recognises over 7,200 registered or reserved names.

There are another 2,000 to 3,000 or more that are named but not registered. This situation can lead to a lot of confusion when it comes to selecting plants for the garden. The register will help somewhat to establish a particular variety with some confidence.

The American Hosta Growers Association established the AHGA Hosta of the Year in 1996. It is selected by a vote of AHGA members. Award winners are Hostas that are stunning reliable Hostas that grow well in all regions.

Just a single look at this wonderful little Hosta will have most people in love with it and clearly why it has been awarded Hosta of the Year. It's a miniature Hosta, no more than 12" tall & wide. It has these very wavy edges to the leaves that helps the Hosta to be quite compact. It emerges with a wide green centre to the leaf, and a wide yellow margin, that over the season will turn more white. She is a moderate growing Hosta. Hosta Mini Skirt will always be a Hosta that stands out.

Hosta Mini Skirt

She takes up very little room, but put it in a container and it will fill it with these magnificent thick, waxy leaves. It is one of the earliest 'mouse' varieties to flower. It produces short green scapes, or flower stems, allowing the flowers to rest just above the foliage. The flower is pale lavender with a deep white central part that really sets the lavender off. Once established, Hosta Mini Skirt is very floriferous.

Rarely do you get a Hosta that stands out irrespective of its size. Put this on in a container. Try a blue ceramic, to set it off against the colours.

Hosta Mini Skirt also boasts 'slug resistance', and loves the early morning, and late afternoon sun.

Take a look at it. I bet you can't resist. I know I can't.

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John Plant

Rewela Hostas

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