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For the Love of Hostas this Valentine

" Gorgeous Hosta Varieties to Love This Valentine's Day"

I may have mentioned in the past, about my passion for gardening, and in particular, looking after my large collection of Hostas.

Hosta Quote
One of Our Favourite Hosta Quotes

Valentine’s Day is a man-made opportunity for couples to show each other how much they feel about each other, and exchange cards and even gifts. It is particularly significant for me, as it is our anniversary, so yes, we do celebrate the time.

Just like having a pet at Christmas, it is not just for a single day, it is forever. It doesn’t stop at midnight. The passion is still there the next day.

My passion, and it is a passion, for Hostas is every day. I feel the same way today, as I did yesterday, and no doubt, I will feel the same tomorrow.

For those who already have a collection of Hostas, you will be fully aware of what I am about to say.

It all starts with a single Hosta purchase because you liked the look of the foliage, or the size of the plant, or it filled that gap in the border.

Then you buy another one. They look together. This is exactly what I did. My first ever Hosta purchase was Hosta Liberty. I still love this variety as much as I first did.

Hosta Liberty
First Purchase & Start of the Addiction, Hosta Liberty

Next time you buy 5 or 6, new varieties, because you are starting to enjoy them. You don’t know at this stage, just how much choice there is out there.

Here are a few of my early Hosta buys and why. From left to right

Hosta Christmas Candy.. What a stunner! Refreshing green and creamy-white variegated leaves, that form an arching mound of pointed foliage. Just can’t be without this Hosta.

Hosta Whirlwind.. A fabulous looking Hosta with spear-shaped leaves of dark green borders and cream middles. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Hosta Wolverine… This one really shows off with lance-shaped leaves of green, with a cream edge, forming what looks like a fountain. Another that is hardly any work at all.

Hosta Forbidden Fruit… What wonderful colours. With glowing yellow-orange centres, set off by a wide blue-green border and can be seen from across the garden. This is a stand-out Hosta anywhere.

Hosta Paul’s Glory… This is a large wide leaved Hosta with subtle markings that always grows well, in open ground or in a container. A fabulous individual specimen that you won’t forget easily.

Hosta Titanium… A lovely, blue Hosta that keeps its foliage, and flowers late into the season. One of the last to go into hibernation. A good blue Hosta, especially for the new Hosta collectors.

These are all strong growing Hostas and they are slug resistant. So, so easy to grow. These are the basis of my first collection, and they didn’t let me down.

If you are just starting out collecting Hostas, or you have plenty of different varieties already, then these should be I your collection. I wouldn’t be without them.

Before you know it, you have dozens of different varieties, and be well on the way to being a "Hostaholic"

Part of our Hosta Collection
Hosta Display Pots at Rewela Hostas

Splitting Hosta Blue Angel
Getting Ready to Split Hosta Blue Angel

I say that its me, that has the passion. However, when I first started, that was true, but over the years, Daphne has become as much of a Hosta addict as I am. I don’t make a move without her say so.

We work together on which new varieties to get each year, and from where. We both get a kick out of sitting with a list and picking which ones we want. Some of you have the same kick from looking at shoes, or clothes, or even other plants & shrubs for your garden.

There is as much enjoyment from picking new varieties, as there is in expending our massive collection, by splitting stock. We both have our own little roles to play, in both circumstances, and thoroughly enjoy what we do. There is nothing that isn’t enjoyed, even weeding, and top-dressing pots.( well sometimes!)

Whatever I do with Hostas, relaxes me, puts me in a more refreshing state of mind. I never feel like I’ve done a days work at the end of it.

John Wearing Hosta T Shirt
John In His Favorite Hosta T Shirt & Hosta Vulcan

Why Hostas?

There are so many great things about Hostas. They come in a whole variety of colours, with greens, variegated, with whites & yellows. They come in all sizes. Whether you like miniature types, or right through to the giant ones that offer an amazing statement in the garden.

They have wonderful, shaped leaves, from long & frilly, to huge & round.

They are relatively pest free. Just slugs, (see our next blog), and sometimes, vine weevil. There are plenty of solutions, and even loads of slug resistant varieties.

They will grow in variety of positions, from dappled shade to virtually full shade. They are not fussy about the soil they are growing in.

They offer free plants every few years or so, when you are able to divide them.

They even have 5 months off over the winter when they hibernate. The great new is that they come back up again in the spring, bigger and better than ever.

So! Now you can see why I love Hostas so much. They just keep on giving. I hope to pass some of that passion onto you, the reader. I am sure you will appreciate why I have such a passion for Hostas.

Have a great Valentines Day, & perhaps someone will show you how much they love you, and buy you a Hosta or two, or more.

Rewela Hostas Valentines Day Logo


John Plant

Rewela Hostas


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