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Hosta Exotic Presentation will form a dense, vase-shaped, medium mound of 16"-20" in height, with a spread of up to 36", at maturity. This beautiful upright mound of glossy green foliage has yellow margins in spring. As the season progresses the margins turn almost pure white. The leaves are cupped at the base but the tips arch down as to present itself for viewing. The leaves have prominent veining which helps show off the sheen of the leaf. Lavender flowers appear in July and last into August, held onscapes of up to 36". Not known to be slug resistant. Prefers dappled shade in the main, but is happy with morning sun.

Hosta Exotic Presentation

  • All our  Hosta Sales are dispatched to customers with our Hosta Care Guide leaflet enclosed in the parcel. You can also find further details of how to look after your new plants on the Hosta Care Tab on our home page.