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"Rewela Cottage ... Garden & Nursery Visitors"

Updated: 6 days ago

We are told, and the visitors book shows it, that we have a lovely garden. We love to show it off. Any excuse to get large numbers of people, looking around the garden and saying nice things about it, makes my day.

We have been showing the garden off, for some 16 years now and what better way to do it than also raising money for good charitable causes.

The National Garden Scheme (NGS) was our chosen charity provider. At first we opened the garden twice a year as an Open Day, with visitors just arriving on the day.

However, as we get older, and less able, we have chosen to open by 'arrangement', instead. Still raising funds for the NGS nursing charities

Danish Pastries ready for garden Visitors

Opening by arrangement is so that people can still see the garden, but will now be in groups at a pre-arranged time and date.

We offer two sorts of visits. The first for groups of 10 or more, that includes refreshments. These groups will be local and not so local gardening clubs and societies, WI, U3A and any other interested group.

There is also the option to visit the nursery, again by arrangement, specifically to buy Hostas in person rather than online from our website

The most recent visit was from a Lancashire & Northwest Cottage Garden Society, as part of a bigger tour they were making of Yorkshire Gardens.

They arrived as arranged, on a large coach and left 2 hrs or so later. The coach is able to park right outside the property, and the driver enjoyed the garden and refreshments, just as the other members did.

Garden Society Logo

After an initial welcome, they all wondered off and enjoyed the 3/4 acre garden and nursery, where there is a massive number of Hosta varieties for sale. John was always on hand to answer any questions, of which there were many.

Refreshments were then enjoyed on comfortable seats in lovely surroundings, where many more questions were asked.

The weather was very favourable, and it was suggested (by me) that this was the norm for Yorkshire. (I don't think they believed me?)

They were a fabulous group of visitors, many of which were organisers, and garden openers for the NGS themselves. A very knowledgeable group. The Lancashire & Northwest Cottage Garden Society were a pleasure to have here at Rewela Cottage.

Extracts From Visitors Book

Rewela Cottage visitors Book

A few of them elected to pass comment in writing, and one in poetic style. Lovely comments.

They all left as planned for their next destination, a very happy group of people who felt the visit was well worth the stop.

Would you or a group like to organise a visit to our Garden & Nursery ? All the details can be found on our website here is the link

We would love to see you.

Shop for Hostas HERE


John Plant

Rewela Hostas

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