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"Unveiling the Beauty of Hosta Irish Eyes: A Closer Look at this Stunning Plant ready for St Patricks Day"

Hosta Irish Eyes in Late Spring
Hosta Irish Eyes

Hosta Irish Eyes was registered by Dick & Jane Ward in 1999 Dr. Dick Ward (1933-2021) a retired medical doctor from Ohio USA was the recipient of the Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridiser Merit Award. He and his wife Jane have hybridised dozens of Hosta Cultivars over the years. When he retired from the world of Hostas his plant collection was moved to Wade Botanical Gardens in Ohio.

This searchable database contains detailed information for all registered cultivars, and Hosta Finder information for many additional non-registered cultivars. The American Hosta Society is the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Hostas, and recognises over 7,200 registered or reserved names.

There are another 2,000 to 3,000 or more that are named but not registered. This situation can lead to a lot of confusion when it comes to selecting plants for the garden. The register will help somewhat to establish a particular variety with some confidence.

Young Leaf in Early Spring with yellow margin
Young Leaf of Hosta Irish Eyes in Early Spring.... Margin Still Yellow

Leaf in Late Summer With Cream /White Margin
Leaf of Hosta Irish Eyes in Late Summer With Cream Margin

Hosta Irish Eyes, will like many other Hostas, start off in the spring looking different to what it looks like in by late summer. When it emerges in the Spring the leaves are largely a mid-green colour with a yellow/green margin. However, as the season progresses it takes on a more mature looking dark green leaf, and a rather lovely white margin. It stays like this until the season finishes. This make identifying it at different times of the season, quite difficult. Hence the importance of labelling your Hostas. Interesting white buds appear in July, followed by white flowers, set against the dark green leaf and look wonderful. These will last well into August.

Hosta Irish Eyes is an excellent grower, enabling division regularly, and here at Rewela Hostas, we will probably split every 4 years or so. The vigour of this Hosta being so good, makes it very easy to grow. It generally looks healthy for the majority of the season. In fact, once you have planted Hosta Irish Eyes, you can almost forget about it. It can take between 3 & 4 years for a small sales plant to reach a reasonable size, and will reach maturity in 5-6 yrs when it will probably need some attention. This is quicker than the average Hosta.

A great Hosta for putting in a container, or planting in a border. It will grow just as well in either.

Hosta Irish Eyes is one of those Hostas that should really be in everybody's collection.

Remember! Hosta Irish Eyes is for life not just for St Patricks Day!

Have a great St Patricks Day!!!

Happy St Patricks day from Rewela Hostas

Link to Hosta Irish Eyes on our Website


John Plant

Rewela Hostas

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