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Hosta Pacific Blue Edger will form a small mound of about 12"-16" in height, with a spread of up to 32", at maturity. It is a small blue edger. A gorgeous miniature hosta; blue-green, heart shaped leaves are flat and corrugated; provides beautiful texture, and contrast to other plants; Excellent substance, forms pinwheel mounds. A vigorous growing blue with very floriforous, dainty pale purple to lavender flowers held well above the mound, on scapes of up to 36" tall. A sport of Hosta Gold Edger.  Leaves are a bit folded, a bit cupped, a bit corrugated. An excellent display when mass planted.

Hosta Pacific Blue Edger

  • All our  Hosta Sales are dispatched to customers with our Hosta Care Guide leaflet enclosed in the parcel. You can also find further details of how to look after your new plants on the Hosta Care Tab on our home page.