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Hosta Barbara Ann will form a medium to large mound of 16"-20" in height with a spread of up to 48" at maturity. It has thick, corrugated, blue-green leaves with broad, contrasting, wide, creamy margins, that lighten to white, as it matures. Tall, stout stems carry large, non-scented, white, trumpet-shaped flowers, on 26" scapes, in midsummer. Extremely good slug resistance. Partly sun tolerant, but prone to scorching in intense sunshine. A medium speed grower that will allow splitting every 5 years or so, but probably no earlier. A lovely shape & size when mature.

Hosta Barbara Ann

  • All our  Hosta Sales are dispatched to customers with our Hosta Care Guide leaflet enclosed in the parcel. You can also find further details of how to look after your new plants on the Hosta Care Tab on our home page.