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Hosta Earth Angel will form a very large mound of 24"-26" in height with a spread of up to 60" at maturity. This is among the most outstanding cream-margined blue leaved Hostas on the market today. This variegated sport from Hosta Blue Angel forms a huge undulating mound of large thick heart-shaped blue-green variegated leaves adorned with wide creamy-white margins, that are creamy yellow in spring. Margins get wider as the plant establishes. Dense racemes of long lasting, funnel-shaped, near white blooms that appear as early as June, rising on scapes of up to 40". A wonderful choice for any garden, but give it plenty of space, so it can increase over the years. A stunning specimen plant that should have it very own space to look at it. A great slug resistant Hosta and is fine with a bit of sunshine. American Hosta Growers Association Hosta Of The Year 2009

Hosta Earth Angel

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