Hosta Gingee is a small, even miniature, Hosta with only 6"-10" height and 24"-30" width at maturity. It works well as ground cover when planting taller plants or other hostas but is beautiful in it's own right. A small, vigorous sulphur-yellow plant that has a undulating growth habit--unique. Unique pinwheel form. Narrow, heavily rippled yellow/gold leaves (5”x1”). Dark lavender flowers appear on long scapes of 18" held well above the foliage. Hosta Gingee looks well along the edge of a border, quickly creating a nice yellow effect. Works well with other Hosta but is beautiful in its own right. A great Hosta for those just starting their collection, or just adding to the collection of miniatures. Not known to be sun tolerant or slug resistant.

Hosta Gingee