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Hosta Lemon Frost will form a miniature mound of just 8"-12" in height, with a spread of up to 28", at maturity. This excellent smaller selection has pointy chartreuse-green leaves. Leaves emerge bright yellow in spring with a thin white margin. In summer the leaves are more chartreuse with a white margin. Due to its vigorous growth and attractive foliage this Hosta would make an excellent border plant. Hosta Lemon Frost would look especially striking if it bordered a larger blue Hosta. White-edged sport of Hosta Lemon Lime, useful as a variegated ground cover or edging plant; rapidly forms divisions. Hosta Lemon Frost has showy purple flowers, held aloft on scapes of up to 24" tall, that appear in July & go into July.

Hosta Lemon Frost

  • All our  Hosta Sales are dispatched to customers with our Hosta Care Guide leaflet enclosed in the parcel. You can also find further details of how to look after your new plants on the Hosta Care Tab on our home page.