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Hosta O'Harra will form a small mound of about 8"-12" in height, with a spread of up to 32", at maturity. This is a small hosta with deeply veined golden to light green-yellow foliage. Vigorous grower that makes a dense mound of wavy, lanceolate, and folded golden foliage. Later in the season the foliage is more yellow than spring. Dependable hosta that is perfect for the front of the Hosta garden. O'Harra's advantage is the speed it's able to cover the ground. Vigorous yellow hosta with wavy margins. Good sun tolerance. It bears masses of deep purple flowers on tall 26" scapes in summer. One of the few where the flowers are as good as the foliage. It can be used as an edging Hosta or even as a single specimen in a container. Slug resistant and sun tolerant. This is one you can't go wrong with.

Hosta O'Harra