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Hosta Mango Tango will form a small to medium sized mound of 20"-24", with a spread of up to 40", at maturity. It is a unique variegated sport of Hosta Dance with Me with green margins. Could be considered the reverse of Hosta Stitch in Time. It has a medium rate of growth but is not slug resistant. The nearly round leaves of this plant are 8 inches long and 7 inches wide. Hosta Mango Tango has glossy leaves with cream centres surrounded by a wide green margin. The leaves are puckered, almost corrugated, giving the leaf a stitched appearance. Crinkled and twisted leaves form an unruly mound. Pale lavender flowers on 30" tall scapes, in summer. Plant in dappled shade to light sun. 

Hosta Mango Tango